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This course is specifically designed for those who are involved with smaller, lower power machines used for such things as vehicle washing, small plant cleaning or just general clean up jobs. If you have a machine that is electric, diesel, petrol or PTO driven and does not exceed 3000 psi @ 5gpm then this is the course for you!


Unlike our other Water Jetting Courses this course does not require a Safety Awareness Certificate prior to attending.

What is involved?*



Once the course has been successfully completed participants will be issued with a Certificate and photocard which are valid for three years and are issued by the Water Jetting Association (WJA). The Certificate and Photocard are recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and are City and Guild Accredited (C&G). These are valid for three years and the course must be repeated before the Certificate and Photocard can be renewed.

Examples of the Pressure Washing Certificate and Photocard issued by the WJA on successful completion of the course.

* WJA壓力清洗過程 - 內容

  1. Registration and Introduction
  2. Applications and Machines

噴射機噴嘴範圍變化壓力/流動的影響 - 配置和類別(壓力墊圈)

  1. Legislation and the WJA Code of Practice

工作法案 - WJA實踐守則 - 通過HSE管理法規的現狀,使用和認可 - 風險評估 - 工作條例 - COSHH - 雇主/員工職責 - 執法權 - 其他相關立法委員會 -環境保護法案/汙染法規控製。限製空間條目要求。

  1. 噴嘴

噴射原理 - 噴嘴的目的 - 水噴射壓力/流動特性 - 噴射反應力的功率。噴嘴的類型 - 前部麵向前置,固定和紡紗噴射,多噴射固定和紡紗噴嘴。

泵配置 - 標準活塞/柱塞泵,正排量動作,操作功能,堵塞效果,柱塞尺寸的變化。其他泵配置 - 隔膜和增強型類型。驅動裝置 - 發動機/電動機,危險區域設備。供水/交付功能 - 過濾設備,升壓進料泵,脈動阻尼器,跳躍噴射。壓力安全釋放選項 - 浮雕閥/爆破盤。壓力表功能。

  1. Pressure Controls

轉儲和幹洗控製 - 故障安全/選擇器版本,通過電動液壓控製直接手動操作/遠程操作,自動卸載閥,用於幹閉,壓力調節器和自動卸載發動機速度控製係統。

  1. 水噴射軟管

軟管建設和收視率的壓力,外部&internal damage possibilities, hazards arising from damaged hoses, inspection requirements. Hose end fittings, construction/assembly/testing. Connectors and hose end couplings – types and features. Bore size and flow ratings. Hose for general/high flow/small bore tube and pipe cleaning. Pressure drop due to flow through hose and lances – effect on pressure available at the nozzle.

  1. Hazards

Hazards arising directly from the water jet – from operational regime – from site environment.

  1. Injuries

高壓水射流影響對內部損傷性質的影響 - 在射流損傷中造成的作用 - 可能存在視覺損傷的缺失和使用WJA醫療卡的認識。

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

General principles regarding use of PPE, as a last resort; Main body protection – limits on effectiveness against direct impact of water jet. Protection of head, hands, feet, hearing, respiration.

  1. Operational Procedures

常規護理和檢查 - 現場製劑 - 手術準備 - 團隊運營。操作期間的安全點 - 使用手動噴射槍,管/管/排水清潔噴嘴/軟管組合和技術。安全使用非標準設備。Tee噴嘴。網站關閉和防凍程序。使用DO /請勿指導。

  1. Summary

根據上述審查課程內容 - 在調查問卷前進行任何進一步討論的機會。


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